Journey Through Hell

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Throughout the years, people's views of sin have been changed. Today society view of sin is different than what Dante envisioned about sin at his time. During Dante's time, the worst sin that one can commit is rejecting the church. However, in the book The Inferno, Dante sees that rejecting the church is one of the least important sins. Other sins that were perceived as unimportant during Dante time are worse than rejection of the …

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…of Heaven he said, "My Guide and I crossed over and began to mount that little known and lightless road to ascend into the shinning world again . . . and beauteous shining of the Heavenly cars. And we walk out once more beneath the Stars"(287). By rejecting Satan and completing the journey through hell Dante is able to see the shining road to God and come to a better understanding of the consequence of human sinful actions.