Journal #1 for John Knowles' "A separate peace" This is a report on half the book. It earned an 87%.

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Journal #1 A Separate Peace 196 Pages This is a very well-written book. From my first immpression on it, John Knowles still really knows what it is like to be a kid. I think that the theme of this novel so far is Civilian Life During the War. It tells a story about two young american boys going through school during WWII. It takes place in Devon, New Hampshire. It is set in the first-person through the …

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…understanding that you can tell that he still has every bit of young boy in him than he ever did. Though I feel as if the book is taking it's time, I am loving every sentence of it. It is unlike any book I have ever read, mostly because I don't usually read historical fiction such as this. I am greatly enjoying this novel and will continue to read it to the very last word.