John Steinbeck - The stories of his life

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The Stories of His Life John Steinbeck, a well-celebrated American author, wrote about the hard life of common people. His stories were fiction to readers like you and me, but he knew what he was talking about since he lived trough the hard times, and worked with the people he had based his characters on. His life was full of excitement, due to his travels, and agony, as a result of his numerous marriages. Some …

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…was so celebrated that it received a Haakon Liberty Cross, an award from the Norwegian king, and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Unfortunately, John Steinbeck passed away in his sixty-sixth year of life, leaving behind him numerous novels and screen plays that are considered one of the best work of American writers. As a remembrance to John Steinbeck, in 1979 the United States commemoration stamp was issued, on what would be his seventy-seventh birthday.