John Proctor:Salem's Redeemer

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Leigh Ann Corley Early American Literature September 8, 2000 John Proctor: Salem’s Redeemer Christopher Bigsby asserts in his introduction to The Crucible: " A climatic scene….comes when John Proctor,on the point of trading his integrity for his life,finally refuses to pay the price,which is to offer the names of others to buy his life." (Pg.xiii). Thus The Crucible is the story of one man's sacrifice to save his community from the deterioration …

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…is my name. Because I cannot have another in my life...How may I live without my name? Have given you my soul; leave me my name" (Pg.133). Proctor feels strongly about having a good name; therefore, he prescribes death for himself. His dying saves the lives of innocent people who! m he refuses to accuse. In this way, Proctor saves the community from the continued irrationality and madness of the witch hunts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**