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When Did Johns-Manville Know? The case study titled, "When Did Johns-Manville Know?", is primarily concerned with the issue of an employer's liability with respect to the health and safety of its employees. This case deals specifically with how much of what an employer knows, or ought to know, about a potential hazard should be communicated to workers, and what steps the company is obligated to take in protecting workers from such dangers. In addition, the …

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…deterrent to others, is not just a blanket act of revenge, and is therefore justifiable. I would agree that the actions of the Johns-Manville company were reprehensible and that after reviewing the evidence presented in the text, they had ample opportunity to protect their workers from harm while still maximizing shareholder profits. Considering the age of the text, I don't know the final disposition of this case, but would hope that justice was eventually served.