John Donne Poetry

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By Referring Closely to at least 4 poems, examine the distinct characteristics of John Donne poetry, paying particular attention to the Relationship Between Intellect and Emotion. John Donne was born in 1572 and both of his parents were Roman Catholics and as a result religion played a very prominent part in his upbringing, and this influenced his poetry greatly. Throughout his poetry there is a strong feel of religion. He was also an educated man and this …

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…a man who could beat her in a foot race. Hippomenes distracts her by throwing three Golden Balls down in front of her, and so won the race). From this you can see that Emotion and Intellect play a dominant part in forming the characteristics of John Donne poetry but they aren't the only characteristics. However he often combines many things together and doesn’t use just one which also makes the poetry so good.