Joesph Campbell's Hero Journey as Represented in Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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A quick note to any who read this; this essay was based on a response, that said I had to ask a question and "possibly" come up with an answer In Joseph Conrad's 1906 classic, Heart of Darkness, the main character of Marlow, partakes of a quest into the deepest part of the jungle, losing much of what he holds dear while gaining a glimpse of the deeper recesses of his own conscious. With an overly …

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…For Marlow, this "sustaining substance" is Kurtz's knowledge of the unknown. It is not his body, but his mind that Marlow truly wants to keep. He first thought of Kurtz as "only a voice," but now Marlow is in control of that voice, has taken it from the darkness and is starting the Return with the ultimate boon. As it goes on, it is eveident that Conrad is following the format, thus answering my question.