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Joseph Jefferson Jackson was born on July 16, 1887. In time he was known as one of the pure hitters in baseball History. Joe Jackson played on teams for Philadelphia, Cleveland, and The Chicago Whites. His batting average was one of the highest, .356, and is the third best all-time. Babe Ruth even said to Joe that he used his swing. Joe Jackson was meant to be the best baseball player of all time. His nickname, “Shoeless” Joe …

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…leagues. Joe Jackson still played baseball anywhere he could. He played in the minor leagues, and the semi-pro. Joe made more money doing the minors than he ever did in major league. Getting kicked out of baseball broke Joe’s heart. It took his soul away. Joe Jackson died of heart failure on December 5, 1951. Though Joe is not allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame his heart and his courage for baseball will go on.