Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc Jeanne d’Arc, or La Pucelle, the Maid of Orleans became a national heroine and patron saint of France in the fifteenth century. She was born to Isabelle de Vouthon and Jacques Darc, small peasant farmers in the town of Domremy, near Champagne. She was the youngest of five children, and grew up learning to attend in the fields and housekeeping duties. She was quite skilled in sewing and spinning. Although illiterate, …

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…the stake in the Touen marketplace. Charles VII whom had earlier given her high place, made no attempt to come to her rescue. There was a second trial in 1456 that pronounced her innocent of the charges. In 1090 she was beatified and then canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Bibliography An Army of Angels, A Novel of Joan of Arc, Pamela Marcantel, ST. Martins Press, 1997. Joan of Arc: A Military Leader By Kelly DeVries.