Jewish Outlook on Abortion.

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True Judaism is in complete contrast to acceptance of abortion. The support for abortion that American Jewry's majority gives is a denial of all in Judaism that we claim to teach and value. Situations in which the Talmud permits abortions are exceedingly rare today. We Jews should be at the forefront of the pro-life battle. We must make the miracle of Hanukkah happen again. That miracle was the victory of love over hate, truth over …

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…for the sake of God's glory. First we need to become steadfast and passionate about this new vision of a world devoid of abortion. This commitment can start and grow through sincere prayer for God's gifts of wisdom, strength, and guidance. The Chosen People should not allow the magnitude of the task before us to thwart our efforts. When God commanded Moses to demand our freedom from Egyptian bondage, Moses listened and followed God's words.