Jewish Life Under Nazis WWII

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"The Victims - their behavior and dilemma" "The Jews", it has been said, went to their death like sheep to the slaughter (Marrus 108). A call to arms; was made by young Zions in the ghetto of Vilna early 1942. But the Jews remained passive, avoided provocation and complied instantly with decrees and orders. They believed the German drive would, in time spend itself. The Jews had always been a minority, always in danger, but had learned …

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…created man in his image and Hitler tried to create a new man in his own. The Holocaust I believe, to be the first stage of Hitler's new world order and one can just imagine what or who would have been next. It is tragic, that for the satisfaction of the whim of one man, a whole nation and the world, conditioned by years of anti-Semitism, looked on and did nothing to stop the killings.