Jeruaslem, Capital of Israel.

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Jerusalem, one the world's oldest and holiest cities, was in December 1949 proclaimed by the state of Israel to be its capital. The city plays a central role in the spiritual and emotional perspective of the three major monotheistic religions. For Jews throughout the world, Jerusalem is the focus of age-old yearnings, a living proof of ancient grandeur and independence and a center of national renaissance; for Christians, it is the scene of their Saviour's agony; …

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…and the Temple were completely destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar, and the captivity began. It ended when the Jews were permitted to return to Jerusalem in 538 BC, and the city became the center of the new statehood and its position strengthened when the King restored its fortifications. In AD 70 the city was besieged and almost destroyed by the Roman forces under Titus, but by 130, the city had been repopulated, and the Jews again revolted unsuccessfully against Rome.