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Step Into My Parlor: The Chilling story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. By Ed Baumann. Bonus Books, 1991. Of Men and Monsters. By Richard Tithecott. University of Wisconsin Press, 1997. Richard Tithecott stresses in the beginning of his book that we build up serial killers. We fear and despise them, but we also admire and long for them. They portray our nightmares that we wish to fulfill but will not acknowledge. To Tithecott, Dahmer existed because society …

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…s book was short, the material he presented was befuddling. He would stray to other areas that seemed irrelevant to what he was writing. Ed Baumannís book was about average length and the material presented was easy to understand. He wrote about Jeffrey Dahmersí ways of life (either real or fantasy) and his victims. He did not exploit the victims or their families. Baumann stayed with his subject and seemed knowledgeable of the subject.