Jeffersonian Federalism

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In a time when America was but a wee nation, its economy struggling for stability, its people divided by lifestyle and political viewpoint, Thomas Jefferson ascended to presidency in what was said to be a revolution of politics and democracy. Creator and leader of his own political party, Jefferson sat his Democratic-Republican buttocks upon a Federalist presidential throne. Tom proceeded to convert the tariff-oriented, pro-upper class government into one more for the common man, yet …

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…the presidency. Jefferson was the true father of the two year presidential term, implementing it for fear that a third would tempt dictatorship. His democratic legacy lives on in today’s government, and his liberal ideas are legendary. At the completion of his second term, he left vacant a presidential position difficult to fill. For seldom does a man with Jefferson’s magnetic influence, paradoxical mindset, and homely charm grace the face of the Earth.