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Body: Jedediah Smith, was born on June 24, 1798, at Bainbridge, New York. He was the first American to cross west over the Continental Divide, rediscovering South Pass, and the American to traverse California's rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains. He was also first to open the coastal trade route from California to Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River. Jedediah Smith was the first American to enter California overland from the east and first to cross the Great Basin …

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…Colorado River, killing ten men and getting all there horse. On May 27, 1831, while in route to Sante Fe, Jedediah Smith was surrouned and killed by Comanche Indians at a water hole near the Cimarron River. His body was never found. Conclusion: In conclusion, you have read about jedediah smith.All of the things he was done, what he explored, all the different things he has found, and all of the journeyes he has been into.