Jean Rouch uses his films to gain a better understanding of Anthropology.

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Jean Rouch Claims To Be Pursuing A "Shared Anthropology". How Successful Is He? It is fair to say that Jean Rouch's search for a "shared anthropology" in his films remains a unity of contradictions. In his collection of psychodramas, documentaries and caricature portrayals, Rouch asks some very important questions about cultural trends and human nature and as such it is widely accepted among visual anthropologists that his creative and methodological innovations have a significant influence …

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…Les Maîtres Fous still creates and to see it as an example of Rouch's continuing commitment to making vitality and experimentation and the pursuit of a 'shared anthropology' central features of his film. Hence it can be concluded from the analysis of Rouch's techniques and the films, Chronicle of a Summer, The Human Pyramid, Les Maîtres Fous and Jaguar, that Jean Rouch's claims of pursuing a 'shared anthropology' are indeed valid. Word count: 4764