Jazz band "Mingus Big band".

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I'm sure that in 40 years, I'll have some great memories about my younger years. One of them will definitely be the jazz concert I attended that Thursday night on the Fez, located at 380 Lafayette St, right under the Time Café. That as any other Thursday night, the center of attention was the famous "Mingus Big Band", whose name keeps alive a great, and a little controversial jazz composer, Charles Mingus. When I got there, the …

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…solos, they applaud and even sometimes they decided to collaborate with a tune when the time is right. All the soloists made a wonderful job by carrying the performance forward. Something I experienced in this presentation is that the players followed the original melodies and improvised only sometimes where was needed. I think they did not improvise more because of the ideology of the band, which is the celebration of the compositions of Charles Mingus.