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The latest concert that I attended was the NEIU Jazz Ensemble. It was held on October 28th, 1997 in the NEIU auditorium. This was my first time attending a Jazz concert. Therefore, I didnít know what kind of music to expect or any music that I was familiar to. This concert was a new experience for me. It was far different from a rock concert held in some big venue. The purpose of this concert …

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…that you just want to sit back and relax and listen. Itís not to slow where you are at the point of falling asleep. Jazz music has got a certain element to it that no other type of music that I have heard thus far have. In all, this concert was a wonderful experience for me. I found a passion for a different brand of music. NEIU Jazz Ensemble Concert Report #4 By: Chuck Patel 11/04/97