Japanese novel "Kokoro" (the heart of things, natsume soseki) and "Le'etranger" (The stranger by Albert Camus.

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Within societies one finds constructive elements that mimic one another. Many cultures or societies, despite ethnic, religious and territorial differences tend to share similar structure. They do so in terms of creating a mass majority body as a deciding component a world of robotic people subjected to the laws and ruled implemented by their world, creating a somewhat catatonic ethos. It is this unquestioning routine that is reflected in two culturally different novels, Soeski's Kokoro …

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…of spectators the day of my execution and that they great me with cries of hate." (Camus 123) Mersault wish is his representation of the absurd. He is condemned to death not for murder but rather for not weeping at his mother's funeral. Mersault has come to realize the consequences of the absurd universe. However, in Mersault's account of his life the reader obtains valuable information about overcoming the absurdity and the predetermined patterns of man.