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Japanese Aristocrat If I had to choose between the Nara and Heian period to live as an aristocrat, I would choose the Nara. When first looked at the Heian period may look more elaborate and culturally advanced, and in some ways it was. I believe however, the Nara period was much more exciting and fulfilling than the somewhat hollow Heian period. The Nara period was marked by new philosophies of religion, government, and culture. Buddhism …

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…not even required to learn the names of their lovers just as long as they left them with a poem. For all of their poems of love I'm not sure many nobles knew what it actually was. Work Cited Lu, David J. Japan A Documentary History. New York: East Gate, 1997. Morris, Ivan. The World of the Shining Prince. New York: Kodansha International, 1994. Morton, Scott W. Japan It's History and Culture. New York: McGraw Hill, Inc, 1994.