Jane Eyre vs. Well, I Have Lost You.

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Comparison Between: Jane Eyre and the poem "Well, I Have Lost You"... I believe that there are many parallels between the book: Jane Eyre and the poem "Well, I Have Lost You". For example, in the poem, the author says, "I have lost you; and I lost you fairly; In my own way, and with my full consent." The author tells of a woman who loved a man dearly, and unfortunately, because of that love, …

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…only good to say of you." is what the poem's author declares. Jane feels very much the same, "I had already gained the door; but, reader, I walked back...I knelt down by him; I turned his face from the cushion to me; I kissed his cheek I smoothed his hair with my hand." Both of the women are strong, but keep a soft spot in their heart for the men they loved--and still love.