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Charlotte Bronte was a strong-willed woman with extreme beliefs in self-awareness and individuality, a viewpoint that was tacitly condemned in those times. Throughout her novels Charlotte never failed to collide the main character with the discovery of her true worth. Jane Eyre was Charlotte's most popular novels and happens to beautifully demonstrate the main character gradually becoming in touch with her true self through life lessons. The journey of Miss Jane Eyre begins at Gateshead …

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…Ch. 27) It is clear that Charlotte herself must have gone through Jane's life lessons because the lessons and the form in which they appeared in Jane's life seem too realistic and justifiable. The depiction of the model of a woman who undergoes self-awareness and identity is Jane Eyre, a woman who goes from believing herself plain and common to a strong-willed female who has her new found integrity, no boundaries, but most significantly, no limitations.