Jane Eyre Role of Male Dominance

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Jane Eyre: Role of Male Dominance Somewhere, The Dark Sheds Light "Never, never, never quit..." -Winston Churchill If women on this Earth had given up, they would be where they were in the time of Charlotte Brontë. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, tells the story of a woman on a lifetime journey, progressing on the path of acceptance, in searching of sympathy. Throughout her journey, Jane encounters many obstacles to her intelligence. Jane lives in …

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…goddess. Finally at Ferndean Rochester appears as the dominant figure once more, but his superiority waters down in light of his ailments and complete dependency on those around him, primarily Jane. Understanding dominance, though not yielding to it, becomes the key for Jane to achieve success. After all, both Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bront‰ stood up for their rights in a time where society said they couldn't. Reader, if you have a problem, speak up.