Jane Eyre Literary Analysis

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Jane Eyre Literary Analysis In the novel, Jane Eyre, the motif of fire is the most predominant symbol in the book. It is used to symbolize conflicts, danger, and of comfort. The motif of fire is shown through three main examples: Mrs. Temple's fire, Mr. Rochester's fire, and St. John's fire. When Jane is living at Lowood, Jane sees Mrs. Temple as her first true adult friend. Her comfort of Mrs. Temple is shown through …

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…God. He makes the decision to become a missionary, believing God solved his conflict. The constant reappearing of fire in Jane Eyre is a clear indicator of an important event or situation in the novel. Fire represents conflicts-both mental and physical, dangers from both known and unknown things, but fire also represented comfort and safety. Charlotte Bronte uses fire to foreshadow events, compare and contrast settings, and to convey mood in her novel, Jane Eyre.