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Blanche Ingram: Villain? Blanche Ingram is the most important woman, other than Jane Eyre, in the novel. Arguably, she is the most important antagonist in this book. It is difficult to fathom how an absolutely horrid, conceited, venal, apathetic creature could be so vital to the book; but take her away, the motivation, conflict, and character itself crumbles. Consider this synopsis: Jane Eyre has not yet come to terms with her love with Mr. Rochester. …

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…Rochesterís love seem stronger and unbending than before; yet without Blanche they would not have realized their growing love in the first place. It is important to realize the importance of Blanche Ingram to the plot in order to fully appreciate the novel. Is Blanche Ingram a villain? Could a heroine create a more perfect consummation? No; that is why no other character could have brought out more interest, more satisfaction, than Blanche Ingram.