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In the story of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Mr. Broklehurst becomes a very controversial character that Jane encounters early in the story. Mr. Broklehurst, a rather annoying clergyman, feels that he has a specific goal. His goal, at least in his eyes, is to save the otherwise lost souls of his girls in the institution, but in reality he is trying to mold the girls to his own vision rather than Godís. For …

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…In conclusion, Mr. Brocklehurst tries to instill his visions of what is good and evil upon his girls at Lowood but in reality what is good and evil in his eyes may not be the same as Godís vision and Mr. Brocklehurst doesnít see that. By doing so he is straying from what Godís vision is and is trying to instill his own visions on the girls like he is their God.