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Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck Lennie- At a glimpse, Lennie appears as a huge brute, capable of great destruction. He is huge and capable of great destruction, but he is in no way a brute. He might be a bit mentally disabled, or he might just be very unintelligent. Whatever the reason, Lennie has the mind of a child. His impulses take control of him, like they would a child, and his enormous …

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…couple of days. John Steinbeck's use of irony makes the story extremely interesting. One example of this is the story's main character, Lennie. He is an ironic character because he possesses twice the strength and size of a normal man but only half of a normal man's intellect. Also, George was Lennie's guide and protector for long while. The irony of this situation is that George ended up killing Lennie after years of protecting him.