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JANE ADDAMS Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860. She grew up in Cedarville, but later moved to Chicago where she died on May 21, 1935 of cancer. Being a woman, she made up about fifty percent of the population. Addams was very well known. Addams was quoted by President Theadore Roosevelt as “America’s most useful citizen.” She was a social reformer, internationalist, and feminist, but she was most well known for founding the …

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…forming the Women’s Peace Party, which was dedicated to finding a quick peace settlement and establishing a permanent international peacekeeping organization. Addams was a woman with strong values that she worked to uphold. She did many good things for society and worked for many good causes. We can thank her now for working towards anti child labor, woman’s suffrage and many other things. She was very accomplished and well liked by many people.