James Monroe

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James Monroe (1817-1825) James Monroe was born in Westmoreland county Virginia, on April 28th, 1758. His father was Spence Monroe. He came from a Scottish family, but settled in Virginia in the mid sixteen hundreds. James was the eldest of four boys and one girl. In 1786, Monroe married a seventeen-year-old girl named Elizabeth Kortright on June 30, 1768. Together they had two daughters named Eliza and Maria, and a son but he died at the age of two. …

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…was worked out Missouri became a state and slavery was not restricted. This brought on the beginning of sectionalism. In 1821, an adventure partly organized by Monroe to establish trading in the Southwest. The man who led this adventure was William Becknell. This was a very big part of the establishment of the states in the Southwest Monroe’s wife had no contributions to his presidency. There were many inventions during the time of James Monroe.