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James Martin was a man who seemed to have the happy knack of being able to make a mountain out of a molehill. He helped transform Gawler into the town we see today through hard work and sheer perseverance. He came to Australia from England in search of prosperity and a new life. He was a man who knew his job well and he intended to use his skills and knowledge to create a business …

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…James Martin Display” 2. James Martin & Co.’s first Locomotive: Situated on Victoria Terrace, Gawler 3. Statue of James Martin: Situated on Whitney Street Gawler. Inscribed on it “A Tribute to his Worth” 4. A display constructed by the Council of Gawler: Topic “The Phoenix Foundry” 5. A display on James Martin Created by The LEAP project: Situated in the Gawler Train Station on 23rd Street Gawler Interviews 1. George Rau. Member of the National Trust of SA, Gawler Branch.