James Madison

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James Madison was born on March 16 1751, in Fort Caonway Virginia.He came from a somewhat wealthy family of Virginia plannters. Madison was educated at The college of New Jersey, Wich is now known as princeton. He graduated in 1771, continued his studies for another year, and then returned home in 1772. He first became involved in politics by joining the Commitee of Safety in 1774. Two years later he Joined the Virginia Constitution convention,and earned the title …

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…Virginia plan, ang the Great Compromise. He assisted Alexander Hamelton, and John Jay in Writing the Federalist papers. The Federalist Papers were written to convince people tobecome Federalists. He signed twenty-nine out of eighty-five of these under the psuedonym, Publius. Madison led the Proradification forces in the Virginia ratifying convention. He added several ammendments to the constitution. He married Dolley Payne Todd in 1797, who was approximately 20 decades younger then he. Websters biography index Madisons writings