James Joyce (Araby and Eveline)

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In “Araby” and “Eveline” Joyce uses religious symbols to show the importance of the Catholic religion in both of the main characters’ lives. Both of these stories take place in Dublin, Ireland, a place that is very strong in its belief in the Catholic religion. In “Araby,” the imagery of the infamous “Fall” is presented to the reader within the second paragraph to indicate its importance. The themes of religious masses can be found in “…

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…religion to affect the characters’ lives. Without having the Catholic background both Eveline and the main character in “Araby” have, their choices concerning their life would have been less difficult. Instead of having to decide between their religion and their desires, they would only have to consider their desires. Joyce believes that the Catholic religion affects the characters and their situations, which is the reason why he writes in religious symbols throughout “Araby” and “Eveline.”