James Buster Brown: A biography of his life, times and his influence on the world of tap.

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James 'Buster' Brown "Tap brings the whole world together because the whole world is rhythmic, when you feel the rhythm and the beat, it's all apart of us." Brian Daffron knew what he was saying when he put the essence of tap into words. It was Buster Brown who truly believed this statement as well. It was his belief that if you could walk, you could dance. No matter what your age, race, or where …

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…and a passion for people and life. It is an inspiration to know that such a person existed. Sadly, there are those who will never know him or be able to learn from him. But if those who did know him and learned from him continue to pass on his legend and his passion, he will live forever. With the impact that he had, it is certain that this multi legend will live on forever.