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Jared Handler English 101 Baldwin paper 11/19/99 Bypassing the Truth About Reality Often authors in literature tend to avoid situations in everyday life which portray controversial issues. Many authors avoid the reality and truth about what is really taking place in the world, because it’s frightening for many people to cope with the truth. Because in most cases, the truth hurts. In the essays “Notes of a Native Son” and “Here be Dragons” Baldwin allows the …

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…being a black or gay writer. He was about being open to love, no matter what color or gender a person was. In his writings Baldwin drastically demonstrates the necessity of recognizing our sins, not just racism and gender preferences, but our refusal to really know other humans, to accept differences, and to love. Works Cited Atwan, Robert. Ten on Ten. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin’s Press, 1992. The Price of the Ticket (video) 1990