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The Life of Jacob Stroyer Slave narratives are the personal accounts by black slaves as well as exslaves about their experiences of slavery and the struggles to obtain freedom. The slave narratives offer chronological incidents into an individual's experiences and they provide the audience with an understanding into the writer's mind and the structure of the slave society. Exslaves, like Frederick Douglass, wrote narratives to try to persuade his readers about the injustices and immorals …

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…wrongs of slavery and continued to preach the word of God. Stroyer should be commended because he is apart of history. Many slaves didn't get the opportunity to writer about their suffrage. In my opinion, Stroyer is the voice of all the slaves who couldn't be heard. He does a tremendous job of documenting his accounts of what he and his fellow slaves endured. WORKS CITED Stroyer, Jacob. My Life in the South. Massachusetts: Salem, 1898.