Jacksonian Presidency

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Jacksonian Presidency Summary Despite the looming effects of the Jacksonian presidency, the following only discusses the actions and results, which occurred during the Jacksonian presidency. The activation of a new presidency was accompanied by huge numbers of Hickoryites (Jacksonian supporters) and official hopefuls. Many of these hopefuls were granted their desire of holding office, which is one of the changes brought into Washington by Andrew Jackson. The major accomplishments of Jackson during his presidency pertain …

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…at the social rump of the republic. Lastly, but of equal importance was Jackson’s acheivement of president. Jackson was the very first president of the United States to have not attended college. He was completely self taught and self reliant. For someone from the backwaters of Tennessee to become president in a time of rule by the elite of the elite was revolutionary in itself. Under no other circumstances could such a leader or