Jacks Nature Before The Island

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Jack let the last note of the song he was singing ring through the air. The D was way to flat, he thought to himself. It must be perfect! I can accept no less! He started the song over again. The last note remained flat. His face began to darken in color. He tried again. The results were no difference. He began to feel his temper try to take over. Calm yourself, he spoke silently …

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…forget such a thing, and Jack hated him more than anything. For a second Jack considered smashing his overblown head into the wall and watching his pain and agony from something he had spawned. The thought almost made him smile. Then he quickly rid himself of such an Idea. Never show emotion! Never show an imperfection! This is a bad start, he told himself. A very bad start. Bibliography None Needed. Created by my mind