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How Jackie Robinson's Heroics Changed The Game Of Baseball From the excited cheers of a neighborhood sandlot to the roaring crowds of a major league stadium, the game of baseball continually captures the hearts and captivates the minds of children and adults across the country. Dazzling catches, clutch hits, intimidating power, blinding speed, time-honored tradition, and, most importantly, inspiring heroes paint a colorful picture of America's national pastime. Some of these unforgettable heroes are recognized …

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…started to crumble. Some people, like Mickey Mantle, believed that Robinson's success slowly healed the wounds which had been created by racial prejudices. In fact, Mickey Mantle once stated, "His arrival in Brooklyn was a turning point for baseball and probably for the country." Indeed, because of Jackie Robinson's integrity and courage, all Americans have the opportunity to live out their fantasies on the neighborhood sandlots and follow their dreams in the major league stadiums.