JPEG2000 - The New Graphical Format.

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JPEG2000 Introduction The JPEG2000 initiative was started with the goal to improve on the original JPEG standard with better compression algorithms. Ideally the concept was to offer lossless and lossy compression at the time of saving. Another key element in the development of the JPEG2000 format is getting away from using the DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) compression algorithm to incorporating wavelet technology. The existing DCT-based algorithm divides images into separate blocks that are visible in …

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…become the standard used in most image compression because of its many features and advantages over other types of encoding. However, most popular software does not currently support JPEG 2000 files, which have the extension ".j2k". For example, neither Microsoft Internet Explorer nor Netscape Navigator currently supports JPEG 2000 file formats. As JPEG 2000 becomes more widely known and its superior features recognized, it will take its place as the main player in the image compression industry.