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Content Essay One: “John Stuart Mill and the Ends of Life” 2 Essay Two: “Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century” 7 Essay Three: “Two Concepts of Liberty” 11 Essay Four: “Historical Inevitability” 16 ssay One: “John Stuart Mill and the Ends of Life”. In this essay Berlin focuses his attention upon one concrete figure, J. S. Mill. Berlin supposes that Mill is one of the greatest theorists of liberty that has ever lived. Mill believed that it is neither …

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…of these goals come into conflict, and lead to clashes between societies, parties and individuals. The ends of one age and country differ widely from those of other times and other outlooks. We should recognize that not all good things are necessary compatible with one another and we should seek to comprehend the changing ideas of culture, peoples, classes and individuals without asking which are right, which wrong. 1 Isaiah Berlin “Four Essays On Liberty” – p. 87.