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Welcome to a thorough report on the life of Jerome David Salinger. It will outline his life from birth to the present. It will also discuss some of his better known literary works. Information about his early life, and family, schooling, and present condition can also be found within. Jerome David Salinger, better know as J. D. Salinger, Was born in New York City, on the days of January 1, 1919. His father was Sol Salinger, and …

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…reoccurring fact. Salinger is devoted to the preservation of innocence. One might guess that he admires youth. "It is Phobe the playing child whi keeps him from falling to entire destruction."(Hamilton 24). Like when Holden saw the f-word written on the wall, he had to clean it up, and Zooey trying to protect his sister from many problems of the world. Salinger sees youth as perpetual innocence, and will be sadly missed when he dies.