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The Heaven's Gate Cult The Heaven's Gate cult is one of literally thousands of millennial cults, including hundreds of UFO-based cults around the world. They attract followers by promising escape from expected cataclysmic events that supposedly will signal the end of this millennium. The Heaven's Gate cult is the last stage in the almost three-decade transformation of a vagabond couple's UFO delusions into a sophisticated Internet suicide cult. The Heaven's Gate cult was led by …

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…Matt. 17:13; John 10:7-10). Very few people have depth of commitment to be willing to die for the truthfulness of their spiritual claims. However, once that commitment is made, it doesn't take enormous power to execute. Only One had the power to prove the truth of his claims by rising from the dead. Don't follow any religious leader to death until he's proved his credentials, not only by dying, but by rising again victorious over death.