"It's Not Worth It".

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IT'S NOT WORTH IT         Sixteen-year-old Jessica Warrens was the perfect teenager- good grades, homecoming queen, great figure, and good friends. What more could a girl ask for? Then around December of 1999 things got bad. Jessica had noticed she had gained a little weight and wasn't happy with it. She let it go until she noticed she had gained an additional five pounds. Her mother, Sandra Warrens, had realized she had gained some weight, but wasn't …

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…danger using these awful methods. In the end it's not worth it. They'll only end up looking 50 times more horrible then they thought they looked before. It is important that teenage girls accept themselves for who they are, regardless of their body type, and to feel comfortable with the body they live in. If girls continue to use these methods to lose weight they'll only set themselves up for major failure. It's not worth it.