Italys economic struggles

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Italyís Economic Struggles In the time period between 1700 to 1900 Italyís economic situation was greatly effected by itís disunity and itís distribution among the many countries of Europe. Previous to 1860, Italy was not united, it was divided into separate city-states, or controlled by a foreign power. One of these being Spain, who had undergone a disastrous decline in itís economy, leading to a decrease in Italyís as well. In 1815, with …

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…by 1900 two out of every three immigrants were Italian. This new nation faced many serious financial problems. Italy had amounted a large amount of debt and still remained firmly established in agriculture, with few resources. It wasnít until the first World War that Italy was able to emerge as a predominant figure in the European World. With itís unity, Italy began itís ascend to the 5th world power in the world today