Italian Revolutions

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The Italian revolutions of 1848 The first of the Italian revolutions of 1848 broke out in Palermo, Sicily, on January 9. Most of the revolutions that followed shortly after across Europe were similar to that of Palermo: popular and nationalist insurrections aimed to fight foreign rule and Metternich’s repressive policy. Starting as a small popular insurrection against Ferdinanad II of Naples, the rebellion soon took on overtones of Sicilian separatism and grew throughout the island (and throughout …

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…The Italian revolutions of 1848 (“Il Quarantotto”) were indeed a failure, yet they pushed the Italian patritos to continue to fight against foreign occupation (first Austria, then France). They also influenced revolutionaries of other European countries to fight for their freedom and independence, thus can be considered the most important of the national revoultions of 1848-1849. The Quarantotto proved to the rest that even the underdogs could be worthy fighters and eventually come out as winners.