Itís the Earps vs. the Clantons While Doc Holliday Hangs in the Balance in the film, My Darling Clementine

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In the 1940ís, protagonists and antagonists were easily distinguished in Americaís Western-style films. However in John Fordís film, ďMy Darling ClementineĒ, which depicts the famous story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Hollidayís character is portrayed as an elusive, somewhat ineffective man. Not until one of the final scenes does the viewer have confirmed that Holliday is actually a fair and just man. He then becomes a member of the protagonists with the Earp …

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…duration of ďMy Darling ClementineĒ). It seems that he hurt Clementine because he was afraid of success. Maybe he didnít like the fast-paced lifestyle of a doctor, however being a thug canít be much of a relaxing occupation. Doc Holliday, if he had the chance to live, might have been able to muster up some semblance of his productive life. However, in this film he did nothing but follow a somewhat downward spiral.