Issues on Apocalypticism

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Issues on Apocalypticism In ancient Israel the Israelites were members of the Hebrew people. The Israelites were monotheist, which means the belief in one god. The Israelites believed in the god Yaweh. They believed this god had chosen them to become of the Hebrew religion. Prophets explained that the relationship to God must be a covenant one. To enter into covenant, followers must agree to exercise in a deeply personal relationship with God. Prophets gained …

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…he would be resurrected. Some Christians in the New Testament period thought that Christ was about to return; others did not.(History pg.34) The author of Luke and the Acts believed that the progress of faith needed to continue for a long time and that the return of Jesus would come far in the future.(History pg.34) Once the return of Jesus takes place, the true believers will be vindicated by the kingdom of God.