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Israel's on-going colony construction and other unilateral measures in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are effectively pre-empting the possibility of a two-state solution of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. If the international community continues to remain unwilling to reign in Israeli colony construction and expansion, irreversible "facts on the ground" and the de facto apartheid system such facts create will force Palestinian policy makers to re-evaluate the plausibility of a two state solution. Israel's thirty-five …

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…II Agreement Israel, at the end of 1995, withdrew its military forces from six towns in the West Bank: Jenin (13 November), Tulkarem (10 December), Nablus (11 December), Qalqiliya (16 December), Bethlehem (21 December), and Ramallah (27 December). Israeli redeployment from most of Hebron, due to take place in January 1996, was delayed until March and then further delayed following four suicide bombings carried out by supporters of Islamist organizations in February and March 1996 which killed 59 people in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ashkelon.