Is belief in God a properly basic belief?

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Peter Addy Dr. Tim Mawson Philosophy of Religion 5 June 2002 Belief in God as a Properly Basic Belief One of the most popular reasons to doubt religion in general and Christianity in particular is that the existence of God cannot be proven. For the most part, this argument has come from the assumption that belief in God cannot be linked back to a self-evident or sensory-evident proposition. To simplify the argument, it has been assumed that …

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…That does not mean that only belief in Protestantism is properly justified. The belief in a nonpersonal God, à la Taoism, is as justified as is the belief in no God, à la atheism. Russell's problem with pragmatism is quite justified, I think, in cases in which the truth of a situation can be ascertained, such as that of the former existence of Hitler. In cases in which truth cannot be ascertained, however, I suggest James' pragmatism.