Is Hewlett-Packard still a Visionary Company?

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Is Hewlett-Packard still a Visionary Company? This essay considers whether HP is still a visionary company in the terms defined in Collins and Porras' book 'Built to Last'. The paper suggests that the criteria have been met even after the Compaq merger. The work is poorly referenced although there is a list of sources used. Written by non native English writer. I. Introduction II. Method A. Sources B. Definition of visionary company III. Results A. …

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…as it was in the last years and in the history. As the HP CEO said on the last annual analyst meeting they want to become a strong, new mobile-appliance company and have already well established a new strategy to get in this field. In conclusions we can say that HP was and is an visionary company, sometimes more and sometimes less because of environmental changes, that are in part not build on HP responsibility.